Mobile Cyber Monday deals 2018

Cyber Monday graphic

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can only mean one thing: top-notch deals on everything you might want to buy, including mobile phone contracts. Take a look at our pick of the best mobile deals this weekend - grab one right now, and you can save money all year round.

Here's our very favourite mobile deal you can get this weekend, which we reckon gives you excellent value and a brilliant plan.

Top SIM-only deals

Got a phone you like, and just need a SIM to put in it? That's what SIM-only deals are for, and you'll find them in spades this Black Friday. Here are some of the very best deals we've found, that you can use in any unlocked mobile phone.

Top handset deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to get a brand new phone. Find a cheap deal on a phone contract this weekend, and you'll get lower bills every month for the next couple of years - and a brand spanking new handset. This year you can get a steal on a brand new iPhone, a sleek Samsung Galaxy, or an even cheaper older model.

Here are our favourite smartphone contract deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Looking for an iPhone deal? See all our Cyber Monday iPhone deals here.

Or if you're more of a Samsung Galaxy fan, see all Cyber Monday Samsung Galaxy deals here.

Top provider deals

Got a network in mind that you want to use for your new mobile plan? Have a look at our favourite deals from top providers.

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday happen on a special weekend of the year, when retailers put out all their very best deals. It used to only be big shops and department stores with markdowns, but these days it includes mobile networks and resellers too.

Traditionally, Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, with Cyber Monday the next week dedicated to online deals. Over here in old Blighty, however, we get all the deals and savings without even having to bother roasting a turkey.

How much can I save on Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

It varies depending on the deal and what you're looking for, but you could potentially save hundreds. Remember that you aren't just saving money right now - you'll also be spending less for the coming year or two.

If a phone contract knocks off £5 per month, for instance, that may not seem like much of a steal - but over a two-year contract it'd mean a total saving of £120.

Other deals instead give you extra data allowances, vouchers, or money off upfront. Have a look at the deals above to see what you can get and what you could save.

What else can I get this Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

You'll find savings elsewhere in the digital world this weekend too. We've also got broadband, home phone, and TV package deals from a range of providers:

Missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year? Can't see anything that takes your fancy? Compare all broadband and TV deals here, and compare all mobile deals here.

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