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GooglePixel 8
Pixel 8
£21.90 per month
30GB data
No upfront cost
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GooglePixel 8 Pro
Pixel 8 Pro
£39.80 per month
30GB data
No upfront cost
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GooglePixel 8a
Pixel 8a
£19.80 per month
30GB data
No upfront cost
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GooglePixel Fold
Pixel Fold
£63.00 per month
Unlimited data
£9.99 upfront cost
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GooglePixel 7A
Pixel 7A
£16.99 per month
100GB data
No upfront cost
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GooglePixel 7 Pro
Pixel 7 Pro
£27.00 per month
150GB data
£916.00 upfront cost
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GooglePixel 7
Pixel 7
£21.50 per month
30GB data
No upfront cost
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GooglePixel 6A
Pixel 6A
£15.00 per month
150GB data
£444.00 upfront cost
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Compare the best Google Pixel deals

Looking for a contract deal on a brand-new Google Pixel phone? It's a great choice, and you've come to the right place to find the cheapest deal. On this page, you can compare offers from tons of different mobile networks and discover the perfect Google Pixel plan for you.

Compare deals

Take a look at what deals are available on Google handsets using our comparison tool. Or, if you need more information to help you pick the right one, keep reading and we’ll give you all of the important details.

Google Pixel deals explained

If you’d like to compare the best Pixel deals, our special deal picker makes it as easy as possible.

Choose from all of the deals we’ve found on this page and use the filters to narrow them down to just those offers that suit you.

Think about things like:

  1. Model - pick whichever Google phone you like best, see how a few compare side-by-side or browse our full range of handsets.
  2. Monthly allowance - weigh-up the how much data, calls and texts you need. Video in particular uses a lot of data, so you’ll want a decent amount if you plan to use the likes of YouTube, iPlayer or Netflix on the go. Read our guide to data usage to learn more.
  3. Network - before you pick a network, think about things like coverage in your area, free tethering and good roaming rates.
  4. Contract length - although the majority of phone contracts last twenty-four months, you’ll also find plans that last twelve, eighteen or even thirteen months.
  5. Upfront costs - with some deals, you might need to pay a certain amount towards the handset, while others give you a ‘free’ phone with nothing to pay upfront.
  6. Monthly cost - consider the amount you want to pay each month. Alternatively, you can sort results by total cost, so you can see how much you’ll spend over the full course of your contract.

Use the ‘sort by…’ toggle to arrange deals by price, data allowance, contract length, and more.

After that, choose a deal you like the look of and we’ll take you through to the retailer’s website. In short, it couldn’t be simpler.

What’s so good about the Google Pixel?

Google offer up some seriously impressive handsets with remarkable levels of performance. Indeed, Google handsets hold their own against any iPhone or Samsung model, and then some. From the first Google Nexus to the newest phones, Google and packed with seriously good specs and features.

Speaking of which, here are some our favourites:

  • Design - In terms of design, Google handsets are as seamless as its search engine; with a metal body and glass back on newer Pixel models that really make the phone stand out against other smartphones.
  • Camera - if you’re after a proper snapper, look no further than Google. Most of its smart phones come with 12 MP rear camera and an 8MP front facing camera with dual LED flash, and HDR + algorithm.
  • Battery - The battery life on new Google phones is pretty darn impressive. It lasts most of the day, and newer devices, like the Pixel, come with fast charging options, too.
  • Google Assistant - another great thing Google has to offer is its handy virtual assistant - a serious challenger to Apple’s Siri. Simply say, ‘OK Google’, even when your phone is locked, and get jokes, videos and a host of other great features.
  • Screen - Google handsets sports stunning and exuberant OLED displays and AMOLED screens perfect for stunning images and HD video display. Plus, Gorilla glass 5 makes them pretty sturdy.

One of Google’s smartphones taken your fancy? Here at broadbandchoices, we have some of the best deals available for Google phones, including - the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel and Pixel XL.

What’s the cheapest Pixel phone deal?

Our handy comparison tool makes finding the best Google contract deal an absolute doddle - Just filter the table above for the deals you want, then sort them by cost using the toggle. If you sort by ‘total cost’ you’ll see the overall best prices first, upfront cost, and any extras such as cashback.

There are a number of ways you can keep costs down:

Can I get a Pixel phone with unlimited data?

Unlimited data plans for Google Pixel phones are available albeit from a small number of networks. Below you’ll find a few providers that offer unlimited data deals on handsets:

  • Three - Although there are some restrictions on its tethering and roaming plans, Three is your best choice for unlimited data.
  • Giffgaff Although Giffgaff isn’t truly unlimited, your speeds will be throttled after you’ve used up a certain number of gigabytes each month.
  • Virgin Mobile- Virgin mobile only offer unlimited data plans to existing customers, though they are available from various other networks. Providers like EE, O2 and Vodafone have plans with 50GB+, while others offer deals with 10GB per month.

Pixel deals with no upfront cost

To avoid paying those costs upfront, simply choose ‘free’ from the phone cost filter or toggle the comparison table by upfront cost.

Although many will require your first month’s bill upfront, the rest of the phone will be spread out over the course of your contract.

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