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Asda may have begun life in the 1920s as a dairy farm, but times have changed. Since 2007, the supermarket chain has been offering pay as you go, SIM-only mobile plans from Asda Mobile.

It's an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) piggybacking on EE's network - so there's fantastic nationwide coverage, and mobile internet in the form of 4G.

Asda Mobile tariffs

All Asda Mobile's plans are pay as you go and SIM-only. You can pick up your initial SIM card for free, and stick it in whatever handset you want - standard, micro, and nano SIMs are all available. The tariffs on calls, texts, and data are priced pretty competitively, true to Asda's 'smart price' philosophy.

You can also purchase 30 day bundles, which give you a set of minutes, texts, and data to use within that time. Their prices range from £5 to £25 so there's bound to be one that works out good value for you - they even include data-only bundles. If you figure that getting a bundle every month is your best option, you can even set them up to auto-renew once the 30 days is up.

Besides that, Asda Mobile doesn't offer any kind of monthly contract deal - all you can get is pay as you go. That means no contract deals on handsets either, though you can pick one up to buy outright from selected Asda stores around the country and get your free SIM card along with it.

Asda Mobile coverage

Since Asda Mobile uses EE's network, coverage is very good, covering 99% of the UK population - including 3G and 4G.

Of course, coverage is still patchy in places, so always take a look at a coverage checker to make sure you'll be able to get signal in all the areas you frequent.

Read our guide for more about mobile coverage.

What's good about Asda Mobile?

  • Focuses on being simple and affordable, with good value tariffs on texts and minutes
  • Free SIM card when you sign up
  • Because it uses EE, coverage is brilliant
  • 30 day bundles give you even better value for money, and they can auto-renew
  • Pay as you go gives you flexibility and is perfect for light users
  • SIM-only means you can have pretty much whatever handset you want
  • A credit check isn't needed - ideal if you have a bad credit history

What's bad about Asda Mobile?

  • Handsets are only available to buy outright, and the range at Asda stores is limited
  • Pretty much nothing in the way of extras - you won't find any priority tickets or free Wi-Fi hotspot access here
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