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Get a Samsung Galaxy phone deal with unlimited data

The Samsung Galaxy range is one of the best kinds of smartphone around. With handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S7, your phone will barely leave your hand - so you’ll want a plan with a nice hefty allowance. Unlimited mobile data may be your friend.

How to choose a Samsung Galaxy deal with unlimited data

Finding an unlimited data Samsung Galaxy plan is easy: just use the comparison tool on this page.

Take a look at the deals above, or follow these steps to find the perfect one for you…

1. Select the Samsung phones you like - you can even choose the amount of storage and the colour you want.

2. Choose your data allowance - unlimited, for instance, to give a random example - and how many minutes and texts you want.

3. Boom! We’ll show you all the available deals.

You can refine your results further by picking your preferred networks, seeing deals for existing customers, and so on; and you can sort them by cost. Then, when you spot a deal you like, just click through to sign up and get your phone.

Today's best Samsung Galaxy deals

Which networks offer unlimited data Samsung deals?


Three is the only provider in the UK to offer fully unlimited data plans, including deals on various Samsung phones. Unlimited minutes and texts are par for the course as well.

Technically there’s a usage cap of 1000GB, but you’d have to be downloading all day every day to reach that.


With giffgaff, you can get an ‘Always on’ data plan on a number of Samsung Galaxy phones. This means data is indeed unlimited - but once you’ve used 9GB in a month, download speeds are throttled down to 384kb in the daytime.

Who else?

Those are the only networks with unlimited mobile data plans, we’re afraid. However, many other providers - including BT Mobile, EE, O2, Virgin Mobile, and Vodafone - have plans with limits of a massive 20GB data or more.

What’s the cheapest unlimited data plan?

The best way to find the cheapest unlimited deal for you is by comparing above. Choose the Samsung Galaxy phones you like, and any other preferences you have, and make sure the results are sorted by total cost. We’ll show you the cheapest ones right at the top.

Generally speaking, giffgaff is the cheapest way to get ‘unlimited’ data - but remember that speeds are capped. Three’s unlimited tariffs are a little less, uh, limited, and come with surprisingly low costs.

You can get an even cheaper deal if you pick a plan with a big data limit instead. Take a look at our guide to data usage to see how much data you really need.

How much data do I need?

Which Samsung Galaxy phone should I choose?

Samsung Galaxy S8

The S8 is the biggest and brightest Samsung phone to date - and one of the best Android phones you can get, full stop. The incredible Quad HD display that goes right to the edges of the handset and curves down at the sides; octa-core processors and 4GB of RAM keep things running smoothly; and the 12MP camera takes fantastic photos. Unlimited data is essential if you want to watch Netflix on that massive screen, upload your pics, and use your phone constantly.

Still not big enough? Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - which has a monster 6.2-inch screen and up to 128GB of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The S7 is a generation older than the S8, but it sure doesn’t feel like it - this impressive smartphone could have been released yesterday. It might not have quite the screen of the S8, but it does have a Quad HD resolution, along with the latest Android Nougat operating system and a 12MP camera.

Or, if bigger is better, you can spring for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - a larger-screened model with those iconic curved edges.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The S6 is even older… which means you can get it with unlimited data far more cheaply. It’s far from obsolete, so that means you can get a truly premium phone with unlimited usage without having to splash out.

It’s a gorgeous, shiny phone with that same AMOLED display, and processors that are just as powerful as some of the latest flagships. Annoyingly, there’s no SD card slot, but luckily this one’s available with up to 128GB of storage.

To get it with the curved edges, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - or go even bigger with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5

Want a Samsung Galaxy phone, but don’t need an ultra top-of-the-line flagship? Take a look at Samsung’s more budget line - the A3 and A5, some of the best mid-range smartphones you can get. They’ve got everything you could need from a phone: clear HD screens, big batteries, a fingerprint sensor, and top specs inside.

At 4.7 inches, the Samsung Galaxy A3 is great if you prefer a smaller phone. The Samsung Galaxy A5, meanwhile, looks and feels much more like those in the Galaxy S range - plus it’s more high-powered, with better processors and higher quality cameras.


  1. If I switch, can I keep my mobile number?

    Yes you can. All you have to do is ask your old network for your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) before your contract is up. Then give the PAC - likely a nine-digit number - to your new provider and you’ll usually be able to use your old number within a working day.

    For more info, see our guide: Can I keep my mobile number?

  2. How do I switch mobile contracts?

    First, pick a new mobile contract by comparing different packages on our site, and click through to sign up to one that looks good.

    Then, simply contact your current provider to cancel, and switch to the new contract. Providers should walk you through the process when you sign up.

    Compare mobile deals here

  3. Can I use my mobile phone abroad?

    It is possible to use your phone abroad, but before you can do so you may have to activate roaming with your network operator. Different countries incur different charges, but your operator should send you a message about roaming prices upon your arrival. And remember, unlike at home, you may be charged for receiving calls as well as making them.

    If you're travelling within the EU, you can use your usual monthly allowance at no extra cost - whatever network you're with.

    See our guide to using your phone abroad for more info.

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