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Meet G.Network: an ultrafast, full-fibre provider determined to bring the speediest possible broadband to London. Let’s take a look at just how fast you can go.

What broadband deals can I get from G.Network?

All broadband deals from G.Network are powerful, speedy affairs. It’s all ultrafast, full-fibre (FTTP, or fibre-to-the-premises) broadband, available in four average download speeds:

  • 150Mbps (50Mbps upload)
  • 300Mbps (100Mbps upload)
  • 600Mbps (300Mbps upload)
  • 900Mbps (900Mbps upload)

All packages have truly unlimited downloads too.

G.Network’s deals are available on either a one- or two-year contract, with lower monthly rates if you’re willing to lock into a two-year deal.

Even so, all its packages come at very reasonable prices indeed – especially for the Ferrari-level download speeds you get.

Can I get home phone with G.Network?

Sadly not. All G.Network’s packages are just broadband, with no landline.

If you want ultrafast broadband speeds with home phone included too, you may be better off with another provider. If they’re available in your area, take a look at Virgin Media or Hyperoptic

Can I get G.Network broadband without a landline?

Yes you can. Because G.Network broadband is delivered on a separate, phone-free network, there’s no need to take on a landline you won’t use.

Can I get G.Network in my area?

G.Network has only been rolled out to certain areas of London, and it’s expanding as we speak.

If you live in the Big Smoke, there’s a chance you can get it – but if you’re elsewhere in the country, we’re afraid not.

The best way to find out is by using our postcode checker. We’ll show you if G.Network has spread to your area, along with all the other providers available for you to choose from.

How long will it take to install G.Network broadband?

Installation time for G.Network varies depending on a few things. They include exactly where you live; the status of the network rollout in your borough and postcode; the type of property you live in; and who owns or manages the property.

A full installation includes time for:

  • a visit from a surveyor
  • obtaining permission from the landowner to run the cables into the property (if that’s not you, G.Network will do the busywork of contacting your landlord)
  • installing the cables from the street to your home
  • and, finally, setting up your router

All in all, it can take up to two months according to some customers, though others report a much quicker setup.

It’s quite a bit more complex than getting broadband from an Openreach-based provider, such as BT or Sky, or from a big provider like Virgin Media.

But if the fastest possible broadband is what you want, extra installation time may be a small price to pay.

What’s good about G.Network broadband?

  • Ultrafast speeds of up to 900Mbps, including ultrafast upload speeds
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds available on the top package
  • Full fibre (FTTP) network, so there’s very little lag, no slow copper cables, and no sharing lines with your neighbours
  • All broadband is available with no landline
  • Fantastic prices for the speed you get
  • Router included, and is installed for you by your engineer

What’s bad about G.Network broadband?

  • Limited availability – you’ll only find G.Network in certain areas of London
  • No landline – it’s not ideal if you want home phone
  • Installation is a little more complex than, for instance, an Openreach-based provider
  • Not much in the way of extras

How does G.Network compare with other broadband providers?

The main thing you’ll notice is that G.Network offers some of the fastest broadband in the UK. You’ll only see similar speeds from a handful of other providers, and only in certain areas. That includes Virgin Media, other independent full-fibre providers such as Hyperoptic, and areas where BT has rolled out its ultrafast network.

In terms of price, G.Network is fantastic value. When comparing speeds like-for-like, it’s one of the cheapest.

Unfortunately, however, availability is low, and G.Network is still building its network. That also makes installation a little more difficult than with most providers.

Find out how G.Network compares against other providers in your area by entering your postcode. We’ll show you all the broadband packages and providers available for your home. 

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