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Why choose TalkTalk?

  • Flexible, affordable packages
  • 24/7 UK based customer support
  • Brand new Talk2Go app
  • Totally unlimited fibre broadband
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TalkTalk: Faster Fibre

£26.50 p/m for 18 months
Free setup costs, 18 month contract

Free Fibre Connection (worth £50)
  • Totally unlimited broadband
  • Up to 38Mb download speed
  • Fixed price for contract length
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TalkTalk phone - Is it any good?

Changing your home phone provider can be a bit of a faff, but luckily TalkTalk ( likes to keep things simple. Not only is it affordable, it cuts out all the complicated bits and presents one simple solution: line rental with broadband, and the option to add a few extras if you need to. Let’s take a closer look.

What can I get with TalkTalk phone?

There’s just one home phone package available from TalkTalk - basic line rental with pay-as-you-go calls.

A few extra calling features are included at no extra cost: voicemail, caller display, call divert, call waiting, ringback, reminder call, and three-way calling.

However, if you’ve got a chatty household, you can add ‘Boosts’ to your plan. These are bundles of extra features that work on a rolling monthly basis, so you can add and remove them whenever you want. The phone Boosts that TalkTalk offers are:

  • Unlimited UK Calls - Gives you unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles at any time
  • International Saver - Gives you discounted rates on calls to a ton of international destinations
  • International Extra - Gives you 500 inclusive minutes per month to landlines in 50 countries
  • International Max - Same as International Extra, except you get 1000 minutes

Anytime calls are only good for 60 minutes, so remember to hang up before the hour is up and phone back again.

Subscribing to TalkTalk phone also means you can download Talk2Go to your iPhone or Android. This clever app allows you to redirect your landline minutes to your smartphone, and make those inclusive calls any time your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi - even if you’re abroad. All your Boosts will apply as well, and since up to five people can use it per household, it’s ideal for families.

TalkTalk line rental unfortunately isn’t available on its own - only as part of a bundle with broadband. Use our postcode checker to see if you can get it in your area.

What’s good about TalkTalk phone?

  • Specialises in simple, affordable packages so there’s no complication
  • Widely available, since it uses BT’s Openreach network
  • TalkTalk is ‘quad-play’ so you can bundle line rental with broadband, TV, and mobile
  • Talk2Go app lets you use your landline minutes from your smartphone
  • Can call mobile numbers at cheaper rates than other providers - and TalkTalk is one of the few to cover mobile numbers in its inclusive calls
  • Flexible Boosts can be added and removed at any time
  • Boosts available for cheaper international calls

What’s bad about TalkTalk phone?

  • Very little choice of packages - in fact, there’s only one package
  • Landline-only isn’t available - can only get home phone in a bundle with broadband
  • No options for cheaper evening or weekend calls
  • Weaker customer service than other providers, according to Ofcom stats
  • Options for calling features aren’t very flexible - it’s basically all or nothing

Switching to TalkTalk phone

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change my phone provider?
    Gone are the days when you could only get your home phone from one or two providers. These days almost everyone in Britain has a wide selection of companies to choose from. It is always possible to switch provider, so long as an alternative provider is available in your area and you're out of contract with your current one.
  2. Can I save money by bundling TV, phone and broadband?
    Yes you can. Providers like Sky and Virgin Media offer competitively priced bundles, comprising broadband, home phone and TV, and getting all three services from the same place often leads to significant savings. It also makes it easier to manage finances, as all services come on a single bill.
  3. How do I get a new phone line?

    When you switch phone and broadband providers, or move to a new home, you may need to have a new phone line or cable installed. This can be arranged by your provider, with costs varying depending on the company you’re with and the package you’ve picked.

    Getting a new line installed is straightforward. When you sign up with a provider, they will tell you if you need a new line and arrange a time for an engineer to come and visit to do the work.

  4. Can I have a second phone line installed?

    Yes, it's possible to get a second phone line installed into a property. There are many reasons you might want to do this - getting a business-specific line, or splitting your property into flats or rented rooms, for example.

    The cost of fitting a second line will vary depending on who your provider is, and you may have to wait a few days until an engineer is available to do the work. Contact the provider for more information.

  5. Can I keep the same phone number?
    Even if you're switching phone provider it's usually possible to keep the same telephone number. However, if you're moving house it may not be possible to keep your existing phone number - particularly if you're entering a different area code.