Mobile phone reviews

Get broadbandchoices' verdict on the latest handsets with our mobile phone reviews.

  • iPhone Xs Vs Samsung Galaxy S10

    iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy S10: Which is best?

    It’s always worth taking stock when mobile giants Apple and Samsung release new phones. But how do you separate two premium, flagship handsets which excel in all departments? It’s… More »

  • iPhone XS & Google Pixel 3

    iPhone XS vs Google Pixel 3: Which is best?

    Flaunting its flagship status to eye-catching effect, the iPhone is a serious piece of Apple kit. But then, with its brilliant camera function and dazzling display, the Google Pixel… More »

  • iPhone 7 & Samsung Galaxy S

    iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Which is best?

    Samsung’s shiny new smartphone, the Galaxy S8, has already been praised like mad in the tech press. But how does it compare to one of the best phones already… More »

  • iPhone 7 & iPhone 6s

    iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s: What’s the difference?

    Wondering whether to get the latest iPhone, or whether the previous model will suffice? We hear you. The two phones look almost exactly the same, without massive changes between… More »

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