Virgin Media fibre

Why choose Virgin Media fibre broadband?

  • Superfast fibre optic broadband
  • Totally unlimited broadband
  • No phone line required
  • Virgin Media Hub 3.0 included

*Average speeds are based on the download speeds of at least 50% of customers at peak time (8pm to 10pm). Speed can be affected by a range of technical and environmental factors. The speed you receive where you live may be lower than that listed above. You can check the estimated speed to your property prior to purchasing.

About Virgin Media fibre optic broadbandd

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If you’re after breakneck-speed broadband that can download files in a jiffy, take a look at Virgin Media’s ( fibre optic broadband packages.

With the fastest broadband in the UK, it’s ideal for households with a lot of people, or heavy users like film fans and gamers. And since Virgin Media does TV and mobile too, it’s easy to find a great deal on a bundle.

What can I get from Virgin Media fibre optic broadband?

All Virgin Media’s broadband packages are fibre optic, which means they’re incredibly fast. You can choose between four options:

  • M50 - average 54Mb download speed
  • M100 - average 108Mb download speed
  • M200 - average 213Mb download speed
  • M350- average 362Mb download speed

They all come with unlimited downloads, so you can stream HD video, play games, and download big files without having to worry about a usage cap. They're also all available on either 12-month contracts.

Virgin Media does, however, manage web traffic at certain times of the day, in which the speed of some activities (such as filesharing) is limited, to ensure all customers get a stable speed. That means you’ll always get consistent service, but you may see slightly slower upload speeds at peak times.

Another thing about Virgin Media broadband that won’t let you down is its Super Hub router. True to its name, you’ll get a super strong wireless signal for super a speedy connection, and it can handle loads of devices at once - plus wireless encryption technology to keep hackers at bay.

You’ll also get Web Safe with all broadband packages and bundles, which has two main features: Child Safe (to block sites you don’t want the kids to see, like adult material or violence) and Virus Safe (to block sites known to contain viruses, scams, phishing, and so on). They work at a network level so they’ll apply to any device connected to your Wi-Fi.

And not only that, you’ll also get F-Secure SAFE free of charge for a year. This internet security software can be installed on up to five devices - including PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets - and will give your gadgets protection from viruses and dodgy scam sites.

Want even more extras? You got it. With every Virgin Media broadband package you’ll also get:

  • Virgin Media Mail - Ten free email addresses with 7.4GB of storage in your mailbox
  • Wi-Fi on the London Underground - Use your Virgin Media account to log onto hotspots at over 100 tube stations
  • 100 free Snapfish photo prints every month

You can get Virgin Media fibre optic broadband as broadband-only or pick up a bundle with phone, TV, and mobile as well.

Remember that Virgin Media isn’t available everywhere just yet. Use our postcode checker to see the best broadband deals in your area.

What’s good about Virgin Media fibre optic?

  • Superfast speeds - average speed of more than 350Mb
  • Can get a standalone broadband-only package that doesn’t affect your phone line (or even require line rental)
  • Available on 30-day contracts
  • Unlimited downloads, so you needn’t worry about hitting a usage cap
  • Superfast speeds are perfect for streaming movies and TV on services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix with minimal interruptions
  • Great for gamers - less lag when playing online and download updates and extra content quickly, so you can spend more time playing than waiting to play
  • Speeds are great for families or large households, as everyone can connect on different devices without speeds becoming unusable
  • Nine-month contracts available for student households
  • Fibre is available with Virgin Media TV - one of the most comprehensive TV options available in the UK.
  • Safe - wireless encryption makes you difficult to hack, Web Safe lets you block sites you don’t want the kids seeing, and F-Secure SAFE protects your devices from viruses and spyware
  • Can self-install if there’s been a Virgin Media connection in your home before - no need for an engineer to come to your home
  • Lots of extras thrown in free of charge, including email addresses, and photo prints

What’s bad about Virgin Media fibre optic?

  • Fibre not available everywhere - use our postcode checker to see what you can get where you are
  • Not the cheapest available - a provider like Plusnet or TalkTalk may do a better value deal
  • Isn’t truly unlimited - Virgin Media manages web traffic which can slow down your connection at peak times
  • Costly installation fees can apply in some cases
  • Limited public Wi-Fi - rivals like BT that offer similar packages also have free Wi-Fi hotspots for their customers

How does it compare?

Virgin Media fibre is some of the fastest out there, with average download speeds of 362Mb on some packages. That can’t be reached with BT Superfast Fibre (formerly known as BT Infinity), Sky, TalkTalk, or Plusnet connections. However, it’s also not as widely available, since the cable network doesn’t reach everywhere just yet.

BT Superfast is a pretty close rival to Virgin Media fibre, with some similar extras on offer. Bundle-wise, however, Virgin Media has a lot more to offer in terms of TV and package deals. Read more: BT vs Virgin Media broadband.

Sky, on the other hand, features more TV in its basic bundles. But when we’re looking at internet alone, Virgin Media wins out in terms of sheer speed and the extras included in your package - things like email addresses. That said, Sky customers have access to more public Wi-Fi hotspots. Read more: Virgin Media vs Sky TV.

TalkTalk and Plusnet both have more affordable packages on all counts - but since they favour simplicity, neither pack in as many extras or offer as many options as Virgin Media does. Their TV packages are pretty thin as well, as are their mobile plans.

What else can I get from Virgin Media?

Want more than just broadband? Here's what else Virgin Media has to offer:

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