Virgin Media phone

Why choose Virgin Media phone?

  • Customisable packages
  • Great range of calling features
  • Cheap international calls
  • Bundle with broadband, TV and mobile

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Virgin Media home phone

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Like the look of the lighting-fast fibre optic broadband or the wonderfully wide range of TV channels that Virgin Media has to offer?

Well, guess what - you can get a landline and mobile phone plans from Virgin Media too. And better still, you can bundle them together and make real savings.

What can I get from Virgin Media home phone?

If you’re bundling your broadband with line rental from Virgin Media, the most basic call package is the Talk Weekends plan.

It comes with inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines, Virgin Mobile phones and 0870 numbers. It’s worth noting that calls to Virgin Mobile numbers are only free for the first 60 minutes – so, if you’re making a long call, hang up at the 59-minute mark and call back.

You can upgrade your call plan for an extra monthly charge:

  • Talk More Weekends– everything offered in the Talk Weekends plan, as well as unlimited weekend calls to 0845 numbers and all other UK mobiles
  • Talk More Evenings and Weekends– calls to UK landlines, mobiles, 0870 and 0845 numbers, from 7pm to 7am on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday
  • Talk More Anytime– inclusive calls to UK landlines, mobiles, 0870 and 0845 numbers, at any time, whenever you like
  • Talk More International Anytime – everything offered in the Talk More Anytime plan, plus inclusive minutes to make international calls to landlines in 50 destinations
  • Talk More International Extra – unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in popular international destinations

There’s no landline-only option from Virgin Media, though – its Talk plans are only available as part of a bundle with broadband or TV.

Every plan comes with some free features, including basic voicemail, private caller display, number withhold and last number recall. On top of that, you’ve got the option to add extra minutes, features and services to your package.

Premium calling features include call divert, quick dial, caller display, and Voicemail Plus, which lets you record your own greeting and listen to your voicemail messages from any phone. And you can add extra minutes to your plan with a Talk Extra 100, Talk Extra 200 or Talk Mobile add-on – handy if you don’t want to upgrade your package, but you want more calling options.

Depending on which of these features you want, you can save money by getting them in one of Virgin Media’s convenient bundles: Manage My Privacy, Manage My Calls, or Manage My Privacy and Calls.

Virgin Media bundles

If you’re thinking of getting multiple services with Virgin Media, you can save money and cut down on hassle by going for a ready-made bundle.

They can be as simple as a broadband and landline plan, or a broadband and TV one.

But if you want a three-in-one deal that includes broadband, landline and TV, the Big bundles and Bigger bundles are the way to go. There’s a range of bundles to choose from, each with a host of features. And you may even be able to score some incentives or gifts when you sign up as a new customer.

The most basic Big bundle comes with 100Mbps fibre broadband, 100+ TV channels and a Talk Weekends phone plan. On the other end of the spectrum, the Ultimate Volt bundle packs ultrafast Gig1 fibre broadband, 230+ TV channels, a standard Netflix subscription and a Talk More Anytime landline plan – and top it all off, a mobile SIM from O2.

All include the same perks and extras you get if you’d bought these services individually – so you’ll get the Virgin Media Hub, email addresses, Virgin TV Anywhere, to name a few.

These bundles are available on 18-month contracts.

Virgin Mobile

Mobile deals of all kinds are available on their own from Virgin Mobile, though you can pick one up even cheaper if you’re already a Virgin Media broadband or TV customer.

Pay monthly contracts

Whether you want a cutting-edge new handset or a SIM-only deal, a pay monthly contract is available from Virgin Mobile.

SIM-only deals come on 12-month or 24-month contracts. Useful features include data rollover, inclusive EU roaming and data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

Most pay-monthly phones are on simple Classic contracts, where you make a monthly direct debit payment over 24 months. During your contract length, you’re free to change your allowances up or down each month, depending on your needs. Data allowances range from 2GB to unlimited data per month.

Additionally, some selected phones are available on a Freestyle contract. This gives you the freedom to upgrade to a new device early, as long as you pay off the remaining cost of your device loan – perfect if you like having the latest and greatest tech releases.

What’s good about Virgin Media phone?

  • Virgin Media is a ‘quad-play’ provider, so you can bundle line rental with broadband, TV, and mobile - or get a ready-made bundle
  • Customisable packages with plenty of choice
  • Except for the basic Talk Weekends plan, all plans come with inclusive calls to UK mobiles, as well as landlines
  • Good range of calling features

What’s bad about Virgin Media phone?

  • Virgin Media’s network is separate from the Openreach network, so it’s not as widely available – use our postcode checker to see if you can get it
  • Line rental not available on its own, only as part of a bundle with broadband or TV
  • More expensive than other providers – Virgin Media isn’t as affordable as the likes of TalkTalk or Plusnet, for example
    Installation fees can be costly too
  • Costly installation fees and cancellation charges

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What else can I get from Virgin Media?

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