The editorial team

Our technology experts are here to help you get the best broadband, TV and mobile phone deals. Here's who they are.

  • Jonathan Leggett

    About Jonathan Leggett

    Meet Jonathan Leggett – Senior Content Editor at Broadband Choices More »

  • Dan Clifford

    About Dan Clifford

    Meet Daniel Clifford, writer for Find out all about him here. More »

  • Pete Leary

    About Pete Leary

    Meet Pete Leary, one of the writers in our editorial team. More »

  • About Jack Webster

    The youngest member of the broadbandchoices editorial team, Jack’s a tall man who loves technology. More »

  • About Kim Staples

    Meet Kim Staples, writer at More »

  • About Duncan Heaney

    Meet Duncan Heaney – tech expert, gaming guru and self-confessed geek. More »

  • About Helen Thomas

    Meet Helen Thomas, one of the writers in our editorial team. More »

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