Editorial team

Meet our crack editorial team. These guys write our source interesting news, produce informative guides, answer reader questions, and class up the joint.

Our technology experts are here to help you get the best broadband, TV and mobile phone deals. Here's who they are:

Duncan Heaney, Senior Writer

Duncan has 10 years of experience as a technology writer, covering everything from broadband and mobile phones to video games. Find out more here.

Email Duncan at: duncan.heaney@broadbandchoices.co.uk

Or get on touch on Twitter: @Ace McDunk

Dan Clifford, Writer

Before writing about broadband and tech, Dan wrote educational articles on finance, created sales copy, website content and was the managing editor of a financial newsletter. Find out more here.

He has a degree in English Literature, and in his spare time he enjoys reading, writing and going to the gigs of obscure bands he finds on the internet.

Email Dan at: Daniel.clifford@decision.tech

Pete Leary, Writer

Pete has written and edited websites for reality TV shows, entertainment channels, interactive TV platforms, national tourist boards and travel companies. Find out more here.

He’s now enjoying a recent change of direction into the brave new world of mobile, TV and internet communications.

Email Pete at: Pete.leary@decision.tech