About Helen Thomas

Meet Helen Thomas, one of the writers in our editorial team.

Helen kicked off her writing career as web editor/writer for Link Community Development. From there she entered the brave world of freelance content before opting to grace us here at broadbandchoices. 

Prior to her foray into the world of online content, our resident cockney, Helen studied at the University of Sussex where she honed her mediocre pub quiz skills, and swotted up on broadband issues. She is on a mission to make the make the world of broadband a little less complicated for customers.

Helen is mum to two little boys but much more interesting that that - she had a phobia of raisins. Seriously, a phobia of raisins. 


Favourite website/blog

Awkwardfamilyphotos.com - just when you think it has reached the pinnacle of its awkwardness someone uploads another corker. On a more professional note I am a daily visitor to both the T3 and Gizmodo UK websites.

What you enjoy about helping consumers?

We've all found ourselves reading so-called 'guides' that leave you more confused than ever. So I really enjoy how broadbandchoices.co.uk makes it its mission to make broadband and home communications simple and accessible to consumers. And if what I write can help people save some money too - well that's a bonus.

Want more from Helen? Contact her on FacebookTwitter, or by email.

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