About Duncan Heaney


Meet Duncan Heaney – tech expert (techspert? – patent pending), gaming guru and self-confessed geek.

Duncan or Big Dunc as he hates to be called is the go-to guy for all your technological needs. D-Money knows what speed is right for you, what package you should take to get it and for some reason the name of all the background Wookiees in Star Wars.

Duncan completed his BA in English Literature from Cardiff University and went on to complete an MA in Professional Writing.

From there 'The Hean' immersed himself in the world of technology writing covering the latest news from both the PR and Journalistic sides of the fence.

When we're not pumping D Hizzle for information on the latest tech and broadband news (pumping for information... is that the right phrase? Sounds weird) Duncan can be found immersed in his array of gaming consoles, including but not limited to his XBOX 360, PS3, PS Vita, PS2, Dreamcast, GameCube, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii.


Favourite website/blog

XKCD - it's hard to explain so i'll just show you.

Duncan's weird comic

See what I mean?

Image credit and get more shenanigans at - xkcd.com

Favourite viral video

This makes me smile - no words need be said, just watch it - all of it. Now try to go about the rest of your life happy in the world we reside.

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