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Why choose Plusnet Fibre Broadband?

  • Award winning broadband
  • UK based customer support
  • Easy to switch
  • Great value fibre deals
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Plusnet:Unlimited Fibre Broadband

£24.99 p/m for 18 months
£25.00 setup costs, 18 month contract

Unlimited Monthly Usage!
  • Up to 38Mb download speed!
  • UK based customer service
  • Ends 26th September
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About Plusnet fibre broadband

What Plusnet ( does best is affordable, straightforward broadband packages. It’s owned by BT ( but run independently, and prides itself on its Sheffield roots and its reputation for great customer service.

With Plusnet you can get phone, standard broadband, and fibre optic broadband in simple packages that won’t break the bank. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from their fibre optic broadband.

What can I get from Plusnet fibre?

If superfast fibre broadband from Plusnet sounds good to you, you’ve got two options:

  • Unlimited Fibre - up to 38Mb download speeds
  • Unlimited Fibre Extra - up to 76Mb download speeds

Plusnet’s fibre broadband is unlimited, so there's no need to worry about hitting a download cap. Both fibre options are available either as broadband only or in a broadband and phone package.

If you go for broadband only, bear in mind that an active phone line is still required. So you’ll still have to pay line rental - whether it’s to Plusnet, BT, or another provider.

Getting both broadband and line rental through Plusnet is generally cheaper, though. You'll also get the chance to upgrade your home phone package to include evening and weekend UK calls, anytime UK calls, or buy the Anytime International. This will give you 300 minutes of calls per month to 35 international locations including France, India, China, and the USA.

Plusnet Safeguard is included as standard with all its broadband packages too. This gives you the control to block websites that you don’t want the kids to see, such as adult content or violent material.

And, of course, for long-term contracts you'll get a router thrown in - the Plusnet Hub One.

To see what Plusnet deals are available in your area, use our postcode checker and take a look at your options.

What’s good about Plusnet fibre?

  • Superfast speeds - up to 38Mb or 76Mb download speeds depending on package
  • Specialises in affordable prices and simple to understand packages
  • Unlimited broadband with no download limits
  • Known for its strong customer service record with round-the-clock UK-based support
  • Plusnet SafeGuard included as standard, giving you parental control at network level
  • Free activation and installation when phone is included
  • Free Plusnet Hub One
  • Can save money on line rental by paying a year’s worth upfront

What’s bad about Plusnet fibre?

  • Fibre optic not available everywhere - use our postcode checker to find out if your area is covered
  • Broadband-only requires an active phone line, so you’ll still have to pay line rental - if not to Plusnet, to someone else
  • Faster fibre broadband available with other providers (such as Virgin Media)
  • Not many extras available - Plusnet specialises in simplicity so there aren’t many options to customise your package

How does it compare?

Plusnet fibre broadband has similar speeds to BT Infinity, though it’s not as widely available. BT does have a lot more options on broadband and phone packages, and they come with extras like access to Wi-Fi hotspots and more calling features - but it comes at a higher price.

Similar speeds are available from Sky fibre as well, though again its packages are less affordable than Plusnet’s. And bundling options are more comprehensive from Sky too - especially when it comes to TV.

Virgin Media broadband can reach higher speeds than Plusnet, of up to 300Mb, but once again you’ll have to pay more for the privilege. But, like Sky, it’s a better option if you want a good TV package as well.

TalkTalk is comparable in price to Plusnet, and offers similar download speeds as well. TalkTalk has a much wider range options for TV and mobile, though you’ll get stronger customer service from Plusnet.

See our full Plusnet review for more.

Switching to Plusnet

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    Select a package which meets your requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need fibre optic broadband?

    Fibre optic broadband is much faster and much more reliable than broadband through the phone line, but it’s not essential for everyone. If you just want to browse the web, check email, Facebook, Twitter etc, you’ll be fine with standard broadband through the phone line.

    However, if you stream a lot of video, download music, films and games, and other such activities, you will likely find a fibre connection hugely beneficial.

    It’s also a boon for large households, especially ones with lots of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers connected up most of the time. The more people using a connection, the slower it will be, so if you have a big family where lots of people want to connect to the web at the same time, for example, a fibre connection will ensure everyone can get a good experience.

  2. How does fibre optic broadband work?

    Fibre optic broadband works by sending information down fibre optic cable instead of a traditional copper wire. It moves incredibly quickly and encounters less resistance, so you get broadband that’s much closer to the advertised speeds than standard (ADSL) broadband wholly through your phone line, where performance is more variable.

    In most cases, the fibre cables run to the nearest street cabinet, with the final leg of the connection - between the cabinet and your house - being either copper telephone wire or, in the case of Virgin Media, coaxial cable. As a result, some speed degradation will still occur, but you’ll still experience speeds well beyond those you’d get with standard broadband.

  3. How do I get fibre broadband?

    Exactly the same way you'd get regular broadband. Put your postcode into our comparison tool to see what’s available where you live. You’ll need an active phone line for the majority of fibre services, such as BT Infinity, as they’re delivered through that.

    The main exception is Virgin Media, which doesn't require a phone line because it uses a separate network. Once you've found a package that ticks all the boxes, click through to the provider’s website and sign up. Then it won’t be long before you’re all set up.

  4. How long does it take to switch to fibre?
    It varies between providers, but usually within a couple of weeks from when you place the order. It can be much quicker, or it can be slightly longer, depending on whether you need an engineer to visit you. Your new provider will give you a more accurate idea of how long the switching process will take.
  5. What fibre package should I get?
    Think about how you and your household use the internet. Does everyone connect to the Wi-Fi at the same time? If so, you’ll want a faster speeds and an unlimited downloads. Think about things it’d be nice to have too, like BT Sport or Sky Cinema, and see if there’s a bundle that includes them. Try not to forget your budget. A lot of offers expire after a few months, leaving you with a bigger bill for the remainder of your contract, so don’t sign up until you’re 100% sure what you’ll be paying.
  6. Why can’t I get fibre optic broadband?
    Superfast fibre optic broadband is slowly making its way across the UK as part of a nationwide roll-out part sponsored by the government. Currently, around 80% of the country has access. You can use our postcode checker to see whether fibre optic broadband’s reached your area yet. That's the most likely reason why it's not available to you, but it could also be due to living in a rural area, in an awkwardly-placed property, or just too far away from a street cabinet.
  7. Can I keep my email address if I switch provider?
    It depends on which provider your email address is currently from. BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, and Plusnet all let you keep your email address in some form after you've switched - but we'd recommend using a free service like Gmail or Outlook. See our guide for more information.