Broadband reviews

We pass judgement on all of the UK's top broadband providers. Want to see how BT compares to TalkTalk? Is Virgin Media's superfast broadband actually decent? Who has the best fibre? Read our reviews to find out...

  • Mobile broadband vs Fixed-line broadband icon

    Mobile broadband vs fixed line broadband: Which is best for me?

    There are two ways you can connect to the internet: through a fixed line connected to your home, or through mobile broadband that you can carry around anywhere with… More »

  • BT vs Plusnet

    Plusnet vs BT broadband - which is best?

    Plusnet’s an awful lot like BT: it’s owned by the same company, it offers broadband, and it’s even got a name that ends with a T. More »

  • BT vs EE

    BT vs EE broadband - which is best?

    They may come from the same company, but BT and EE broadband are quite different. BT focuses on quality and lots of top-notch features, while EE offers something a… More »

  • Amazon fire stick vs Chromecast vs Apple tv icon

    Amazon Fire Stick vs Chromecast vs Apple TV: Which is best?

    Want to stream TV and video from the net right onto your tellybox? Sounds like you need a streaming stick - a handy little device that plugs into your… More »

  • BT vs Sky

    BT TV vs Sky TV - Which is best?

    BT and Sky are two of the biggest broadband providers out there - but what are their pay-TV offerings like? More »

  • Virgin Media TV vs Sky TV logo

    Sky TV vs Virgin Media TV: Which is best?

    The two biggest pay-TV providers in the UK have a lot in common - high-tech set top boxes, lots of series to watch on-demand, and lots channels to choose… More »

  • BT vs Sky logo

    BT Superfast Fibre vs Sky Fibre - Which is best?

    BT Superfast Fibre and Sky Fibre are two of the most well-known kinds of superfast fibre broadband you can get in the UK, but which is best? We’ve pitted… More »

  • TalkTalk Vs Plusnet logo

    TalkTalk vs Plusnet broadband: Which should I get?

    Looking for good value, straightforward broadband? TalkTalk and Plusnet are both good choices. Though they don’t have as many bells and whistles attached to their services as some providers,… More »

  • BT vs TalkTalk TV icon

    BT TV vs TalkTalk TV: Which is best?

    TalkTalk and BT both give you a YouView set top box when you sign up to their TV services, but do the similarities end there? Time for broadbandchoices to… More »

  • Cyber thief

    Which broadband provider has the best security?

    There’s a lot of nasty stuff online. Viruses that wreak havoc on your files, spyware that steals your personal info, violent videos that upset the kids, clickbait websites that… More »

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