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Woav business broadband: What can I get?

Good value, flexible, and perfect for small businesses - those are just some of the reasons Woav will make you say woah.

For a business that just needs broadband and a phone line, this could be the provider for you. We’re talking straightforward packages with just enough flexibility to shape them to fit your business - with no unnecessary bells and whistles. Here’s what you can get.

What can I get from Woav?

In a nutshell, Woav offers broadband and phone lines for businesses. All its packages are available on either one month, 12 month, or 24 month contracts - the longer contracts being cheaper per month, of course.

Its broadband comes with a few nice perks, too. You’ll get a router included (though there’s an extra charge for it on one month contracts), free static IP addresses on request, and even free line installation if you need it.

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Broadband and phone

Woav’s combo broadband and phone packages are:

  • Standard Business Broadband and Phone - basic ADSL broadband with speeds up to 17Mb and a 25GB usage limit. Ideal if your business needs an internet connection for things like email but doesn’t rely on it.
  • Unlimited Business Broadband and Phone - basic broadband with speeds up to 17Mb and unlimited downloads. Perfect if you want broadband for your business but aren’t fussed about superfast speeds.
  • Standard Business Fibre Optic Broadband and Phone - superfast fibre optic broadband with download speeds up to 76Mb, upload speeds up to 19Mb, and a 50GB download limit. Ideal if speed is of the essence but you only need the internet for a few bits and bobs - otherwise that download limit will get restrictive.
  • Unlimited Business Fibre Optic Broadband and Phone - fibre optic broadband with download speeds up to 76Mb, upload speeds up to 19Mb, and unlimited downloads. Browse, email, stream music, hold conference calls, download files, sync data, and host servers to your heart’s content.

All come with basic line rental and pay-as-you-go calls as standard, but you can always throw in an add-on for more calling minutes.

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Broadband only

Woav also offers broadband-only packages, for businesses that need the internet but not a phone line. The packages are:

  • Standard Business Broadband Only - download speeds up to 17Mb, 25GB download limit.
  • Unlimited Business Broadband Only - download speeds up to 17Mb, unlimited downloads.

Again, both are available on either one month, 12 month, or 24 month contracts. Unfortunately, fibre optic broadband isn’t available without a phone line - only standard ADSL.

Phone only

Got a business that doesn’t need broadband, but does have the phone ringing off the hook? Woav offers phone-only packages too. Its basic line rental comes at a nice low price, with pay-as-you-go calls - which is perfect if your business mostly receives phone calls, but if you also need to call out, you can get add-ons for more minutes. The add-ons you can get are:

  • UK Landline Anytime - inclusive calls to other UK landlines at any time of day
  • UK Landline and Mobile Anytime - inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles at any time of day
  • International 500 - 500 minutes per month to landlines in select international destinations
  • International 1500 - 1500 minutes per month to landlines in select international destinations

You can also add calling features, including voicemail, call diversion, anonymous call reject, and loads more. These are a tad more expensive, but you can always save money by bundling some of them together.

What’s good about Woav?

  • Packages are nice and straightforward, but with enough choice to find what you want
  • Choose between 24 month, 12 month, and flexible one month contracts
  • Superfast fibre optic broadband available, with speeds up to 76Mb
  • Basic packages are good value, including low price line rental
  • Great for small businesses
  • Unlimited broadband is truly unlimited, with no hidden caps or traffic management
  • Broadband-only option available
  • Can get free static IP addresses on request

What’s bad about Woav?

  • Not the fastest business broadband around - BT and TalkTalk offer speeds up to 1Gb, for instance
  • Not as widely available as some providers
  • Fibre optic broadband isn’t available as broadband-only
  • Add-ons and calling features can get expensive very quickly
  • Not ideal for large businesses - there’s no synchronous speeds, VoIP, business numbers, cloud storage, and so on
  • Download limits may be restrictive

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Switching to Woav

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is business broadband?

    Business broadband packages are designed to cater for workplaces, including offices, rather than homes. They are typically tailored to support multiple users, and offer additional features such as inclusive website domain names, email accounts, static IP addresses, comprehensive technical support, and more.

    Compare business broadband packages here

  2. What do I need from business broadband?

    Every company is unique, and every company will likely need slightly different things from their broadband. There are, however, a few constants that are likely to benefit any type of business:

    • Speed - A dawdling connection will cost you time, money and likely cause widespread annoyance to boot. Check both average download speeds (how long it takes to retrieve data from the web) and average upload speeds (how fast it is send information from your computers over the web) when researching packages.
    • Unlimited usage - In business, you don’t want to be held back by how much you can download. Fortunately, most business broadband providers offer unlimited downloads.
    • Technical support - Many business broadband packages offer comprehensive technical support, so you can get advice, and have things up and running as soon as possible.

    You can compare business broadband packages here.

  3. How do I get a business broadband package?
    That’s where we can help. Simply enter your postcode into our comparison service, and we’ll automatically find the best deals available in your area. Then it’s a simple matter to compare options and find the best package for the best price. Click the package you want, and we’ll send you straight to the right place on the provider’s website. Easy, simple and hassle-free.
  4. Can I use a home broadband connection for my business?

    If you have a home office, work as a sole trader, or work freelance, you may find that a home broadband package is adequate for your needs. The important thing is to consider how you’ll use it and the impact that will have. If you’re using your connection for business as well as your family’s personal use, for example, what will this mean for speeds or download limits?

    On the other hand, some kinds of business will need the special features offered by a business package. An email server will need a static IP address, for example.