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Talkmobile SIM-only deals explained

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Competitively priced, flexible and available with no credit checks, there's a lot to recommend Talkmobile SIM deals. We take a look at everything it's got to offer and see how it compares to rival networks.

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What SIM only deals can I get from Talkmobile?

Unlike some providers that offer a huge array of SIM contracts, Talkmobile keeps things simple with a range that takes in just four SIMs.

These are:

  • Talker A – 250MB of data per month
  • Talker B – 1GB of data per month
  • Talker C – 4GB of data per month
  • Talker D – 12GB of data per month

Talkmobile perks and benefits

All four Talkmobile plans include

  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • 30 day rolling contract terms
  • Inclusive roaming in 41 locations

Which network does Talkmobile run on?

Talkmobile service is based on Vodafone's nationwide UK network, which provides 99.7 per cent UK population coverage.

If you're not sure if you get Talkmobile in your area or in locations you frequent, use its coverage checker to find out.

What's the cheapest Talkmobile SIM only deal?

At £5 per month, Talkmobile's Talker A plan is its cheapest. And is actually one the UK's cheapest full stop.

But with 250MB of data, it's probably best suited to light data users, by which we mean people who only use the internet on their phone to check the odd email, send WhatsApp messages and browse a few sites per day.

Most users will be better off with still competitively priced Talker C, which includes 4GB per month.

Does Talkmobile offer unlimited data SIMs?

Talkmobile's range of SIMs does not include an unlimited data SIM card. However, the Talker D plan gets you 12GB of data per month.

Given that the average Briton only gets through about 3GB of data per month, that should be plenty for all but the heaviest users.

Talkmobile review: is it any good?

Because Talkmobile uses Vodafone's network, it's one of the best networks for coverage. It's also fairly priced, very flexible and with no credit checks to pass, it's an ideal choice for anyone who is on a tight budget.

With inclusive roaming in 41 locations, Talkmobile's roaming scheme is excellent too. Especially for a 'value network'.

On the downside, there's no customer rewards scheme a la O2 Rewards. And it's worth noting that you can't rollover unused data from month to month and you won't be able to make WiFi calls.

But for all that, we're very impressed with Talkmobile. It does the basics very well. And offers customers quite a lot for not much outlay.

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