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With three new iPhones rumoured to drop in the next few weeks, 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for Apple. And if the rumours are true, next to join the iPhone family will be the iPhone 9. At least, that’s what we’re calling it.

According to those swirling rumours, the new iPhone 9 will be Apple’s ‘budget’ offering. But what are you likely to get for your buck? Here’s everything we know so far:


In terms of size, the iPhone 9 will likely fall between the two premium models scheduled for release around the same time - the iPhone XI and the 9 Plus - and in typical Apple fashion, it’s touted to look pretty slick.

The iPhone 9 could come in as many as six different colours, with an all-screen design and no bezel. Unlike the OLED screens rumoured for the two premium phones, it’s reported to have a 6.1 display panel - a big improvement on the iPhone 8’s 4.7in display - along with an LCD screen, sleek aluminium edges, and a glass back.

A screen that big has room for Face ID, so, although the iPhone 9 is expected to be cheaper than the XI and the 9 Plus, we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of face recognition to unlock the phone - especially as Apple are moving away from home buttons and finger print IDs.

Specs and features

  • Processor According to some reports, the processor for the iPhone 9 won’t be as powerful as the XI or 9 Plus, but it will be sturdy enough to give you faster speeds and greater power than the iPhone 8. This is thanks to a new fusion chip (reportedly called the A10).
  • Camera The iPhone 9 is expected to stick to the same single-rear camera as the iPhone 8. Not much to report here.
  • Battery - Rumours suggest that the iPhone 9 will boast a 2850-2950 mAh battery - a huge improvement on the iPhone 8’s 1,821mAh.
  • Wireless charging - Seeing as the iPhone 8 had an all-glass back to allow signal to pass through for wireless charging, it looks likely the iPhone 9 will have the same feature. In fact, we’d be surprised if it didn’t.

Release date

Odds are that the iPhone 9 will launch around the 12th of September, with the phone itself released around the 21st of September.

Apple have announced the release of the last five of their new iPhones around this date, however, recent reports have stated that the iPhone 9 could be delayed until early October, we should know more closer to the 12th of September.


As I say, the iPhone 9 is expected to be the cheaper of Apple’s new releases - most leakers reckon you’ll be able to pick one up for between £450 and £535, so it won’t set you back as much as the iPhone XS.


If you want impressive specs, a big screen at a reasonable price-tag, then the iPhone 9 will likely be for you. And if you’re a fan of the iPhone 8, you should be especially happy with Apple’s latest offering.

Of course, none of these details are confirmed, and there is a chance Apple could throw out a curveball and hit us with something completely unexpected.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled until September to let you know more.

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