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  • Science of Scare

    The Science of Scare: Scariest Video Games in 2022

    Since 2020, The Science of Scare Project from Broadband Choices has set out to scientifically measure the scariest forms of entertainment available. Originally starting with an annual ranking of the… More »

  • science of scare thumbnail

    The scariest movies - according to Science! 2022 Update

    Whether it's zombies, ghosts or anything else that goes 'bump in the night', is there anything better than a good horror movie? But of the hundreds of horror flicks,… More »

  • Every country's most pirated original series

    Every Country’s Most Pirated Original Series

    As the number of streaming services and the cost of subscribing to them continues to grow, what are the most popular original programs that people just can’t miss, despite… More »

  • Every country's favourite anime

    Every Country’s Favourite Anime

    Once a niche fandom, streaming services have made Anime more accessible than ever - helping to push shows like Death Note, Demon Slayer, and One Piece to massive audiences. But… More »

  • Crypto Art League logo

    Crypto Art League

    NFTs took the art world by storm in 2021, with both seasoned investors and amateur enthusiasts alike competing to get their hands on the latest works from popular creators. But… More »

  • Prime time actors

    Prime Time Actors

    Whether you’re an athlete, musician, or even an influencer, popularity and performance can be fleeting - but when were some of Hollywood's most recognisable actors at the top of… More »

  • the most studio Ghibli movies around the world

    The world's most searched studio Ghibli movies

    As one of the world’s most celebrated animation studios, Studio Ghibli has produced some of Japan’s most critically acclaimed and highest-grossing films - but what are the most popular… More »

  • Highest Earning One-Hit Wonders on Spotify

    Highest Earning One-Hit Wonders on Spotify

    Some artists are able to churn out hit after hit, but for others, success can be brutally short-lived - but how long can musicians dine out on their one… More »

  • Global internet accessibility index

    Internet Accessibility Index

    New study from looks at the quality, availability and cost of internet access in 169 countries to find the most connected countries, as well as those that face… More »

  • Virgin Media logo

    Virgin Media broadband for Universal Credit claimants: what you need to know

    If you’re claiming Universal Credit, you’ll be able to get Virgin Media fibre broadband for a reduced price, with the launch of Virgin Media’s Essential Broadband package. More »

  • Money talks

    Money Talks

    Social media has given us the opportunity to get closer to and engage with celebrities more than ever before. But with Cameo, fans can get even closer with personalised… More »

  • BT logo

    BT Ultrafast broadband deals: what you need to know

    Ultrafast is BT’s top of the range broadband service with a price to match. But what do you get for that outlay? Is it worth upgrading from BT’s … More »

  • Disney deep cuts

    Disney Deep Cuts

    The best Disney movies that bombed at the box office More »

  • Sing for your supper

    Sing for your supper

    The explosion of music-streaming service has made it easier than ever before to listen to all your favourite songs and artists. But, having millions of songs at your fingertips… More »

  • Wrestling Comebacks

    Fans most wanted WrestleMania comebacks

    It’s WrestleMania season! More »

  • Script to screen img

    Script to screen

    It’s the classic question that has torn book lovers and cinephiles for as long as there have been films; “Which was better, the book or the movie?”. More »

  • paid to play

    Paid to Play

    The professional gamers making millions thanks to Esports More »

  • TV & movie

    Jumping the Shark

    To try and pinpoint the moment that TV shows jumped the shark, Broadband Choices used data from IMDB to visualise the decline of 14 beloved programs. More »

  • Broadband Choices reveals the UK’s most job-seeker friendly locations

    Poured yourself a cup of ambition? Researched the companies you're targeting? That's great. But if you're in a part of the country where broadband isn't all it might be,… More »

  • Will our hands evolve to make smartphone use easier?

    With the iPhone X utilising the latest technology to make the display edge to edge, have you ever used your smartphone and thought ‘longer thumbs would be really useful’?… More »

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