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  • Vodafone logo

    Vodafone 5G mobile phone deals: what you need to know

    How much will it cost you? How fast is it? Where can you it? And how does Vodafone 5G compare with Three and EE? Broadband Choices weighs it… More »

  • Sky logo

    Sky Broadband Buddy: five things you need to know

    Sky's new app gives parents eyes and ears inside and outside the home. It's the best parental control service of any broadband provider by some distance. But comes at… More »

  • BT logo

    BT broadband and TV price rises: what can you do?

    Thousands of BT customers face paying up to £48 more per year for their broadband and TV, in the wake of the latest round of mid-contract price hikes. So what… More »

  • Broadband Choices reveals the UK’s most job-seeker friendly locations

    Poured yourself a cup of ambition? Researched the companies you're targeting? That's great. But if you're in a part of the country where broadband isn't all it might be,… More »

  • Will our hands evolve to make smartphone use easier?

    With the iPhone X utilising the latest technology to make the display edge to edge, have you ever used your smartphone and thought ‘longer thumbs would be really useful’?… More »