Money Talks

Money talks

Social media has given us the opportunity to get closer to and engage with celebrities more than ever before. But with Cameo, fans can get even closer with personalised shout-outs and video messages from their favourite stars – for a price of course.

Broadbandchoices has analysed thousands of Cameo profiles to find how much stars are charging per video, how generous they are with their time, as well as who is earning the most money (1).

Money talks infographic

You can see more of Cameo’s top earners, as well as the most expensive, most popular and the best and worst value celebrities here.


  • Includes accounts that have earned a minimum of £15K, or, have at least 200 reviews, or, charge more than £250 per video.
  • Accounts with less than 5 reviews or 3 publicly available videos, or state that all revenue from Cameo will be donated to charity were excluded from or study.
  • Potential earnings were calculated by multiplying per video cost by number of reviews (1).
  • Average video length was taken as an average across the three most recent public videos.
  • To find best value accounts, those charging less than £40 per video were excluded.
  • Data correct as of 31/07/2020.

1. Figures are indicative of what each person may have earned through Cameo at their current cost assuming that every user who purchased a video also left a review.

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