The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Mobile Phone

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A new mobile phone is a big purchase. It’s something you’ll use every day, and it’ll probably be yours for the next two years. So it’s important to get the right one.

With the mobile phone market more diverse and expansive than ever, finding your ideal device can feel like searching for a needle in a digital haystack. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or just looking for a reliable handset, the sheer number of choices can be downright overwhelming.

This article is your personal guide through the maze of mobile phones, ensuring that you emerge on the other side with a phone that feels like it was made just for you.

1. Do your research

Start by doing a little research. Think back to your experiences with your previous phone. What did you love about it, and what left you wanting more?

It's also a smart move to check out what devices your friends are using. Their hands-on experience can provide valuable insights. Moreover, delving into the specs and features of different models online will give you a solid understanding of what the market has to offer.

Consider things like...


Your budget will largely dictate the kind of phone you can get. Are you in the market for a high-end phone with all the bells and whistles or a more modest, budget-friendly device? It's important to align your expectations with your wallet's reality. For guidance on balancing cost and quality, check out our guides on the best cheap phones and the top phones of the year.

Size, shape, and design

You're going to be using your new phone a lot, so make sure it's one you like holding. Huge phablets, mini iPhone SE phones, sleek metal, and colourful plastic all look and feel very different. Large screens are ideal if you browse the web, watch videos, or play games a lot, but smaller screens tend to be cheaper.

Operating system

The age-old battle: iPhone (iOS) or Android. iOS offers seamless connectivity with other Apple products, while Android provides a more customizable experience. However, Android's performance and features can vary significantly across different phones, and it looks a little different on every phone.


For the tech-savvy, a phone's processor and RAM are crucial, particularly if you're planning to run demanding apps or enjoy multitasking. Flagship phones' specifications are ideal for using lots of apps, playing games, watching video, or multitasking. Yet, it's worth noting that not every user requires top-of-the-line specs.


Never underestimate the need for ample internal storage. While some phones offer the option to expand storage with an SD card, it's best to start with a sizeable built-in capacity.


If you're into reading small text, watching videos, or gaming, a high-quality display might be a worthy investment, albeit a pricier one.


Most smartphones come with cameras, but they can vary quite a bit. Some are akin to using a DSLR, some have fab front-facing cameras for selfies and video calls, and some just have a simple point-and-shoot one on the back that doesn't do anything special. If it's an excellent snapper you want, take a look at our top five camera phones.

After considering your preferences, browse and compare mobiles here, or take a look at some of our hands-on phone reviews.

2. Pick a phone

Having done your homework, it's time to shortlist your favourite phones. Compare deals for each candidate to find the one that offers the best value for your needs and budget.

And if you're switching from iPhone to Android or vice versa, look up how to make the move smoothly.

3. Choose a price plan

When it comes to purchasing your phone, you have several payment options:

Pay monthly

Get a phone and a SIM on a single contract. These usually last two or three years. A contract makes a flagship phone or a new model much more affordable, since you're not paying hundreds of pounds upfront, but often works out more expensive overall. Plus, you're tied into a contract long term - though if you pick a phone you like and a tariff that works, that's not so bad. Here are our favourite contract deals this month.


Buy the phone outright and choose a SIM-only plan. This can be a more affordable and flexible option, especially with 30-day plans.


This is the most flexible but can be less economical for moderate to heavy phone users.

Consider your current phone usage, including minutes, texts, and data. If you're upgrading to a more advanced phone, your usage may increase, so opt for a plan with a higher data allowance, perhaps even one with unlimited data.

Did you know you can also take out a handset on contract, all on its own? See our guide to handset-only deals for more info.

4. Compare networks

Mobile networks differ in their offerings. Some cater to light users with low prices, while others focus on heavy users with unlimited data deals. Coverage and extra features also vary between networks.

Two key things are important, though: coverage and price. Take a look at our coverage guide to check which networks cover the areas where you live, work, and spend most of your time. Then use our comparison tools to see the plans you can get on each one.

If several networks meet your needs, consider which might be the best fit. And if you're already a broadband customer with providers like Sky or Virgin Media, you may be able to get a better deal on a mobile contract.

5. Go for it!

Once you've made your choice, follow the steps to sign up for your chosen plan. Remember, if you're going for a SIM-only plan, you'll need to order the handset separately.

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