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SMARTY's a new name on the mobile scene, but appropriately enough, it does have some clever ideas. It's a new youth-oriented network operated by Three - now that's a name most people will recognise.

Here's what you need to know about it:

What does SMARTY do

SMARTY offers 30 day SIM-only plans with a strong focus on data. The big idea behind the network is that it offers a discount for any data you haven't used by the end of the month. That money is then taken off your next bill.

Say, for example, you have a 8GB allowance, but only use 5GB. Rather than you losing that data after 30 days like most networks, SMARTY will buy back the extra 4GB for £1.25 per gigabyte. That means you'll get £3.75 off your next bill.

It's a pleasantly straightforward system, and its plans are simple too. There are, appropriately enough, just three SIM-only plans available:

  • Small - gives you 2GB data a month, unlimited calls and texts and, of course, discounts for unused data. This plan will suit lighter users who want to primarily surf, use social media and instant messaging services.
  • Medium - gives you 4GB data a month, unlimited calls and texts and discounts for unused data. This plan is generous enough for most to use the web pretty freely, stream music and use social media.
  • Large - gives you a chunky 8GB data a month, unlimited calls and texts and discounts for unused data. This is for the heavier users out there, particularly if they want to watch video.

If you want to know how much data you need, check out our full guide:

SMARTY mobile coverage

As it's owned by Three, SMARTY uses the same network to deliver mobile services. Its 4G coverage now reaches 91% of the population, while indoor 3G coverage now stands at 97%.

Bear in mind those figures aren't the same as geographical coverage - parts of the country will still be unable to get 4G or 3G coverage, so use a coverage checker to see what signal you can get in the areas you frequent.

What's good about SMARTY?

  • Simple, affordable plans
  • Unused data means discounts on your next bill
  • Unlimited standard calls and texts on all plans
  • 30 day contracts, so no commitments
  • Good 4G and 3G coverage
  • Generous data options to suit both casual and reasonably heavy users

What's bad about SMARTY?

  • No roaming or international calls (yet)
  • No handset deals available
  • Not much in the way of perks or extras