LIFE Mobile

ByKim Staples
LIFE Mobile

Established in 2013, LIFE Mobile is one of the new kids on the mobile block - but don’t let that put you off.

It's got a lot to offer in the realm of SIM-only deals, with simple plans that offer good value whether you're an occasional texter or a smartphone addict. And since it uses EE's network, you can expect great coverage almost everywhere you go.

LIFE Mobile tariffs

What LIFE Mobile does best are simple, SIM-only deals. They all run on a 30-day basis, so you can change your plan around whenever you want.

The choices are:

  • Mini - A value plan for very light usage
  • Value - Perfect for average users
  • Everyday - More than enough allowance to cover most users
  • Maxi - For heavier users, featuring lots of data and unlimited calls and texts

They also all come complete with a Smart Cap that stops you from spending too much outside of your monthly allowance, eliminating any chance of bill shock. You can set it to whatever value you want, but the default is £5.

If you're having a particularly phone-heavy month, you've also got the option of adding bolt-ons for some extra data, texts, or calling minutes.

LIFE Mobile coverage

LIFE Mobile piggybacks on EE's network, so coverage is excellent - 3G alone reaches over 99% of the UK population. 4G, however, isn't available just yet, though it's likely to be on its way soon.

Remember to always check coverage in the areas you live, work, and spend time by taking a look at a coverage checker before you take out a plan.

Read more about mobile coverage in our guide.

Recommended LIFE Mobile deals

LIFE Mobile SIM Everyday

3GB data (3G)

3000 minutes

Unlimited texts

Was £11.95 a month

Now £10.45 a month

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LIFE Mobile SIM Maxi

6GB data (3G)

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts

Was £14.95 a month

Now £13.45 a month

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What's good about LIFE Mobile?

  • Simple and straightforward deals that range from very light to very heavy
  • All plans are 30-day, so you're not tied down to it long-term and can stop, start, or change it whenever you want
  • Excellent coverage, thanks to EE
  • Smart Caps ensure you won't spend too much each month
  • Bolt-ons let you get a little extra allowance
  • Maxi plan provides a lot of data for not much money
  • UK-based call centres

What's bad about LIFE Mobile?

  • Plans are all SIM-only - you'll need to buy a handset separately, or use one you've already got
  • There isn't a pay-as-you-go option either
  • Not a huge amount of choice - only four plans are available
  • There aren't really any perks or extras, like priority tickets
  • No 4G just yet

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