Superfast broadband: What is it and how do I get it?

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There’s nowt more annoying than sluggish internet that crawls along super-slowly, right? Luckily, you needn’t be stuck with a stagnant connection forever - superfast broadband exists. Keep reading and we’ll take you through what makes it so super, how to get it, and how to make sure your line is as fast as it can be.

In the realm of internet connectivity, the term "superfast broadband" is not just a catchy phrase - it's a specific kind of service that promises to revolutionise the way we interact with the digital world.

In the UK, 'superfast' broadband is defined as a connection with download speeds of 30Mbps or above. That's almost always achieved with a fibre optic line - though you can also get superfast speeds through mobile broadband and occasionally copper lines. This technology is the foundation for a seamless online experience, whether you're streaming your favourite show in 4K or battling it out in an online gaming arena.

Fibre optic broadband: the speed of light at your fingertips

Imagine the same technology that powers the mesmerising glow of fibre optic lamps, but instead of just a visual treat, it's the conduit for your internet data. Fibre optic broadband cables work on this principle, with light travelling along them and transmitting data at incredible speeds. This is what makes your internet experience akin to the speed of light - quite literally. For a deep dive into the intricacies of how these cables work, feel free to indulge in a more detailed explanation by checking out this resource: (Read more about how fibre works here).

Comparing traditional ADSL broadband, which clocks in at average speeds of 10-11Mbps, to the supercharged fibre broadband that typically offers 35Mbps to 300Mbps, the difference is stark. And for those with a need for speed, there are providers out there offering jaw-dropping speeds up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps).

Upload speeds

While download speeds often steal the spotlight, let's not overlook the importance of upload speeds. With fibre broadband, you're looking at upload speeds that can reach up to 20Mbps, as opposed to a mere 2Mbps on standard broadband connections. This boost in upload speed makes a world of difference for content creators, live streamers, and anyone who regularly sends large files over the internet.

What's superfast broadband for?

Superfast broadband isn't just about bragging rights; it's about meeting the demands of modern internet usage. Here's how it makes a difference:

  • Large households: A superfast broadband connection can support multiple users and devices simultaneously. This means that everyone in your home can enjoy a smooth online experience without the dreaded lag or buffering
  • Video streaming: Say goodbye to the spinning wheel of doom. Fast broadband minimizes buffering and ensures quick load times for your HD and 4K video streams, making movie nights more enjoyable
  • Gaming: Online gamers, rejoice! Fibre optic broadband has less lag (latency) and faster uploads, making it perfect for online gaming. For a deeper understanding of how superfast broadband can elevate your gaming experience, read more about broadband for gamers
  • VoIP and video calling: Clearer calls, fewer interruptions. A superfast fibre connection enhances your VoIP and video calls, so you can communicate with friends and family without the annoyance of dropped calls and garbled voices
  • Big downloads: Waiting hours for a download to complete is a thing of the past. With superfast broadband, you could download an entire music album in about 30 seconds on a 76Mbps connection. That's efficiency at its finest

How to get superfast broadband

If you're ready to jump onto the superfast bandwagon, start by using a postcode checker to see if such services are available in your area. The expansion of fibre broadband is ongoing, but not everyone has access yet. When searching for the best package, consider using a 'minimum speed' filter to ensure you're getting the speed you need. Once you've found your ideal package, signing up is usually a straightforward process.

Similar broadband deals

Perhaps superfast broadband is more than what you need, or maybe you're curious about other options on the market. Here are some alternatives:

  • Fast broadband will help you find the speediest of the speedy in your area
  • If you're looking to go beyond superfast and into the realm of ultrafast, check out deals for 100Mbps broadband
  • And for a balance of speed and affordability, consider exploring 60Mbps broadband deals

Embracing superfast broadband is about more than just faster internet speeds; it's about unlocking new possibilities in work, entertainment, and communication. Whether you're part of a busy household, a dedicated gamer, or a remote worker, the benefits of superfast broadband can significantly enhance your online experience. Dive into the world of high-speed internet and discover how it can transform your digital life.

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