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    Compare TalkTalk broadband and TV offers

    Looking for a broadband and TV package, but don’t want to re-mortgage your house to pay for it? Lucky for you, TalkTalk prides itself on its low-priced fast and… More »

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    TalkTalk fibre broadband

    Want a superfast package that won’t break the bank? TalkTalk ( may be the provider for you. It’s one of the cheapest in the UK, and committed to offering… More »

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    Compare TalkTalk package deals

    Need a bit of everything, but don’t want to break the bank? Take a look at TalkTalk ( As ‘quad-play’ providers go - that is, companies that offer broadband,… More »

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    Compare TalkTalk phone deals

    Changing your home phone provider can be a bit of a faff, but luckily TalkTalk ( likes to keep things simple. Not only is it affordable, it cuts out… More »

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    Compare TalkTalk TV deals

    Want a straightforward TV package that doesn’t cost a bomb? TalkTalk keeps things simple and affordable, making them one of the least expensive providers in the UK. More »

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    TalkTalk TV Boosts

    If the 70 free-to-air channels from your YouView box aren’t quite enough, TalkTalk ( has an innovative solution: Boosts. More »

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    Compare TalkTalk YouView deals

    As set top boxes go, YouView’s pretty good - once you’ve got one, you can watch 70+ free-to-air channels completely contract-free. Or, you can grab one way more cheaply… More »

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    Compare TalkTalk broadband deals

    TalkTalk have had their problems, particularly around customer service, but they’re still a good option if you’re looking for budget broadband - offering some good broadband deals on fixed… More »

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    Virgin Media explained

    Virgin Media has got a bit of everything. The company as we know it was formed in 2006 - and by the end of the year, it had become… More »

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    Compare Virgin Media broadband deals

    Virgin Media offers the UK's fastest, widely available broadband. With superfast speeds in excess of 350Mbps, it's ideal if you live in a busy family home. And it's great… More »

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    Latest Virgin Media deals

    Find out more about the latest Virgin Media deals. More »

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    About Virgin Media fibre optic broadbandd

    If you’re after breakneck-speed broadband that can download files in a jiffy, take a look at Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband packages. More »

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    Best Virgin Media packages | broadbandchoices

    Good old Virgin Media ( has got it all. Since it’s a ‘quad-play’ provider, you can bundle broadband, TV, home phone, and mobile together - and there are lots… More »

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    Virgin Media home phone

    Like the look of the lickety-split fibre optic broadband or the wonderfully wide range of TV channels that Virgin Media ( has to offer? More »

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    Virgin Media TiVo - Is it any good?

    When you take a Virgin Media ( TV package, you'll get one of two set top boxes - a 500GB TiVo box, or a chunkier 1TB one, also known… More »

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    Is Virgin Media TV any good?

    Virgin Media ( is one of the most comprehensive TV providers out there. It has loads of channels, a dizzying amount of on-demand box sets, catch-up TV… and, well,… More »

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    Virgin Media TV channels

    Find out more about the various channels and TV packages available from Virgin Media - from entertainment and movies to shopping, music, news and channels in HD. More »

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    Virgin Media V HD box - What is it?

    When you pick a TV package from Virgin Media (, you used to get a V HD box. That's changed now, though - these days you get either a… More »

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    Virgin Media Big Bundles vs Oomph packages | broadbandchoices

    Big Bundles and Oomph packages both get you super fast speeds. But what’s the difference? Are Oomph deals worth the extra outlay? We take a close look at… More »

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    Vodafone broadband

    Vodafone is best known for mobile phone plans. But it sells a range of simple, fairly priced fibre broadband packages too. We take a close look at what it's… More »

Compare broadband, TV & landline deals

Broadband, phone and TV providers - everything you need to know

When it comes to choosing a broadband provider, a little research goes a long way - there are plenty of options, after all.

Currently, we list all the UK’s major broadband providers here on broadbandchoices. But we also showcase smaller providers, with a wide variety of different broadband, TV, phone and mobile packages, too.

Question is, what things should you consider when choosing a provider? And which offer the cheapest prices?

Let’s dive straight in...

Compare broadband providers

Look, there’s no such thing as just one provider to suit everyone - each is unique. For example, some will want to shower you with free gifts, while others entice customers with things like free gig tickets or superfast broadband packages.

Over all, though, most providers in the UK offer the same three types of broadband packages: fibre optic broadband, ADSL broadband and wireless broadband.

Another thing to consider when picking a provider is how much data you'll need. Luckily, each offer different types of data allowances, ranging from unlimited data to big data bundles.

Also, some providers, like Sky, for example, specialize in broadband, TV and phone bundles, whilst others might only offer broadband and phone or even broadband on its own.

All that said, before you buy from any one provider, we recommend saving time by checking what’s available in your area. Our postcode checker will show you what’s available.

Compare home phone providers

Alongside broadband, most providers also offer competitive home phone plans packages, too.

You can find anything from evening and weekend calls, anytime calls, international calls and pay as you go tariffs.

Compare TV providers

Whether you’re a movie junkie or a sports fanatic, one of the providers we list will likely have what you’re looking for.

To find out which providers offer TV with their packages, check out our in-depth TV guides. Or, hit the button below to go straight to the best broadband and TV deals.

What is the cheapest internet provider?

To be honest, it depends on what you’re looking for. For example, providers like EE and Post Office offer basic packages at cheap prices.

If you’re a sports or movies fan, however, or you rely on the internet for work, providers like Sky, BT or Virgin Media might be the better option for you, as they’ll likely offer better speeds with a few extra perks - like TV package deals, for instance.

Also, to avoid paying over the odds for a package you don’t really need, make sure you pick a package that reflects your current usage. With that in mind, here’s some tips on picking the right package.

What broadband providers are available in my area?

As we say, to find out what providers are available in your area, use our postcode checker.

Compare broadband, TV & landline deals