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  • Sky broadband logo

    Sky broadband review

    How does Sky broadband measure up with the likes of BT and Virgin Media? We took a good look at speeds, prices and everything else to find out. More »

  • Now TV logo

    NOW Smart Box with 4K and Voice Search Review

    So, you’re in the market for a TV package, but don’t want to pay top-tier prices or get locked-in to a contract. In that case, the NOW Smart box… More »

  • Vodafone broadband and TV deals

    Vodafone broadband and TV packages get you fast fibre service and Apple TV with nothing to pay upfront. Here we’ll track down the cheapest deals and outline what they’ve… More »

  • Broadbandchoices logo

    Post Office home phone

    Post Office home phone deals are no longer available. But don’t worry, we list plenty of UK providers offering similar home phone packages, at comparable prices More »

  • Broadbandchoices logo

    Post Office broadband

    Post Office fibre broadband deals are no longer available. But don’t worry, we list plenty of UK providers offering similar broadband packages, at comparable price points. More »

  • Broadbandchoices logo

    Post Office broadband

    Post Office broadband deals are no longer available. But don’t worry, we list plenty of UK providers offering similar broadband packages, at comparable price points. More »

  • BT Vs Talk Talk broadband logos

    BT vs TalkTalk broadband

    BT and TalkTalk: they're two of the UK's biggest broadband providers, with packages that - on the surface at least - are quite similar. But are they really, and… More »

  • bt logo

    Switching to BT broadband: a step by step guide

    BT offers fast, reliable broadband and some attractive discount rates when you add TV or a mobile phone plan to your bundle. But how easy is it to switch… More »

  • SSE broadband deals

    We don't have any SSE Broadband deals available right now. We hope to have them back with us soon. More »

  • Huawei logo

    Three Mobile Huawei HomeFi: five things you need to know

    In the market for a home broadband service that you can take with you when you leave the home? Don’t fancy paying for a landline that you don’t use?… More »

  • Netflix, Amazon Prime and NOW Broadband logos

    Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video vs Now Broadband: Which is best?

    You can never have too many TV shows and films at your disposal - that’s what we say. And that’s why we’re big fans of subscription streaming services. More »

  • broadbandchoices logo

    Is Relish broadband any good?

    We currently have no deals available for this provider. Please see below for more broadband providers: More »

  • Freesat logo

    What is Freesat & is it worth it?

    A few options are available when you don’t fancy paying for TV every month, and one of them is Freesat. It’s a contract-free kind of telly that uses satellite…… More »

  • Sky Movies vs NOW Broadband icon

    Sky Cinema vs Now TV: Which should I get?

    Any good movie buff needs hundreds of films right at their fingertips, with at least a dozen fresh new releases every month. And any good movie buff knows that… More »

  • Relish

    Relish 4G broadband review

    Relish is a pretty unique broadband provider: it offers wireless, 4G-based plug-and-play broadband just in London and Swindon - on commitment-free contracts, no less. Sounds sort of perfect… but… More »

  • Origin Broadband

    Origin Broadband review - is it any good?

    Origin may not be the biggest name in the broadband world, but its packages are among the simplest and cheapest on the market. So the question is: Is it… More »

  • Switching broadband logo

    Compare First Utility deals

    First Utility broadband More »

  • BT Sports vs Sky Sports logos

    BT Sport vs Sky Sports

    If you're passionate about watching sport, you basically have two choices: BT Sport and Sky Sports. We put them head to head to see which is better for content,… More »

  • Plusnet logo

    LIFE Mobile - now Plusnet Mobile

    LIFE Mobile was established in 2013 as a good value, straightforward mobile network - but as of November 2016, it’s now become Plusnet Mobile. More »

  • Mobile broadband vs Fixed-line broadband icon

    Mobile broadband vs fixed line broadband: Which is best for me?

    There are two ways you can connect to the internet: through a fixed line connected to your home, or through mobile broadband that you can carry around anywhere with… More »

Compare broadband, TV & landline deals

Broadband, phone and TV providers - everything you need to know

When it comes to choosing a broadband provider, a little research goes a long way - there are plenty of options, after all.

Here at, you'll find packages from all the UK’s major broadband providers. But we also showcase smaller suppliers too, which may be less familiar to you.   

What we can assure you is that if a provider is on our site, you can trust them. We vet every supplier to check they meet standards for service, customer support and speeds, so you can browse and buy with complete confidence. 

Which providers do we list?

Comparing broadband providers

Objectively speaking, there’s no such thing as the best provider. Some are super fast. Some are more wallet-friendly. And some offer attractive sweeteners, such as free vouchers or customer rewards schemes. 

What you really should be looking for when you're shopping for broadband is the best provider and deal for your particular needs and those of any people you may live with. 

For instance, if you're in a busy household you'll want a fast fibre product that can cope with the demands of multiple people being online simultaneously. Otherwise you're in a lot of frustration and annoyance. 

Conversely if you live alone, or with one other person, you can easily get by with a standard broadband package. There's really no need to overpay for a faster service that you don't really need. 

The first step in choosing a provider should be to check what you can actually get in your area. To see what's on offer, just insert your postcode in our availability checker and we'll do the rest:

Compare home phone providers

Some providers, such as Virgin Media and Hyperoptic, allow you to sign up for broadband without a landline. But most require you to take a home phone too, since your broadband is delivered in whole or in part via the same network technology as a landline. 

Alternatively, if you're in the market for a home phone deal and don't need or want broabdnad, 

Most suppliers also offer competitive home phone plans packages, too.

You can find anything from evening and weekend calls, anytime calls, international calls and pay as you go tariffs.

Compare TV providers

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or a movie buff, we're pretty confident we can find you a TV package that matches your enthusiasms and comes in at the right price. 

To find out what's on offer, check out our in-depth TV guides. Or, hit the button below to go straight to our pick of the best broadband and TV deals available right now: 

Which internet provider is the cheapest?

If price your priority, take a look at the likes of The Post Office, Plusnet, Now Broadband, TalkTalk and Shell Energy offer decent standard broadband and fibre packages at cheap prices.

The catch is that most of those providers don't offer the same kind of perks that you get with the likes of SkyBT and EE, such as customer rewards schemes or free vouchers when you sign up. 

What broadband providers are available in my area

As we say, to find out what providers are available in your area, use our postcode checker

Which broadband provider is best?

That's a difficult question to answer. Partly because different providers have different strengths. But mainly because we think there's no such things a 'best provider', but that there definitely is a provider that's best for you. 

To know that you'll need to take into account everything from price, contract length, the speed you need and whether you want to add pay-TV to your package. 

Need a bit of help choosing a deal?  Here's some tips on picking the right package.

Compare broadband, TV & landline deals
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