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  • BT TV channels: What do I get?

    You have a number of options when deciding which BT TV package to go with, from Starter with its 70 Freeview channels to Entertainment with its extra channels, such… More »

  • BT logo

    BT broadband: The complete guide

    When it comes to broadband providers, you won’t find bigger than BT. It has arguably the widest range of options - comprising home internet with tons of extras, such… More »

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    BT YouView - What's it all about?

    YouView is a great choice of set top box for your TV - it’s subscription-free, and lets you watch over 70 free-to-air channels. But with a BT TV (… More »

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    BT packages... unpackagedh

    If you’re looking for a broadband, TV, home phone and mobile phone provider that gives you a lot of choice, then hoo boy - BT ( is the one… More »

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    All about BT phone line

    Once upon a time, BT ( was the only way to get a phone line in the UK. These days, you have far more options to choose from -… More »

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    BT broadband and phone deals

    There’s no doubt about it: BT is the biggest provider in the UK, by far. And, at one time, it was the only network who offered a phone line,… More »

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    BT broadband and TV deals

    Although BT is chiefly known for its broadband and phone packages, it’s also one of the most popular TV providers in the UK. It has loads of offers for… More »

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    Is EE broadband any good?

    EE ( is known for its super quick and wide-reaching 4G, but it delivers speedy broadband right into our home too - at prices that won’t break the bank.… More »

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    Is EE fibre optic broadband any good?

    EE doesn’t just offer blisteringly fast 4G on its mobile plans - it can also give you even-blisteringly-faster fibre broadband in your home as well. More »

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    Is Hyperoptic broadband any good?

    There’s superfast broadband, and then there’s super-duper-fast. Hyperoptic offers broadband packages that are off the charts when it comes to speed: its fastest package has average download and upload… More »

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    Is John Lewis Broadband any good?

    John Lewis isn’t just a place to buy lamps any more. The fancy department store also offers basic, straightforward broadband and home phone packages at prices that aren’t half… More »

  • Is NOW Broadband a case of ‘WOW Broadband’?

    Most people probably think of NOW TV as a film and TV streaming service. Understandable, because for a while, that’s exactly what it was. More »

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    About Plusnet - simple, affordable broadband

    Sheffield-based Plusnet has built a strong customer base by specialising in affordable, straightforward broadband packages and strong UK-based customer service. It’s owned by BT, but run independently, so it… More »

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    About Plusnet fibre broadband

    What Plusnet ( does best is affordable, straightforward broadband packages. You can get phone, standard broadband, and fibre optic broadband in simple packages that won’t break the bank. More »

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    Plusnet broadband

    Sheffield-based Plusnet ( specialises in simple, affordable broadband and home phone. So if you’re after an internet connection that won’t break the bank - in a package that won’t… More »

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    All about Plusnet home phone

    If there’s one thing Sheffield's Plusnet ( does best, it’s affordable, straightforward phone and broadband packages. More »

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    Plusnet TV - What can I get?

    Plusnet ( is stretching its feelers out into the world of TV in the form of our good friend YouView. Right now, it’s only available to existing customers. More »

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    Post Office broadband - what can I get?

    The Post Office is no longer just somewhere to mail your letters. Times have changed since the Penny Black was around, and the organisation now offers broadband deals at… More »

  • Post Office

    Post Office home phone - what can I get?

    Want a home phone package that’s as easy and straightforward as mailing a letter? Take a look at what Post Office has to offer. Its landline package is cheap,… More »

  • Post Office

    Post Office broadband - what can I get?

    No longer just a place to mail packages and pay your bills, the Post Office also has a range of broadband deals - and it's committed to making them… More »